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Campus Life


The LMU campuses provide a backdrop to each student's unique university experience. They provide an environment in which students focus deeply on academics, while also embracing life outside the classroom — from arts to athletics, spirituality to service. LMU provides diverse experiences that educate the whole person in mind, body and spirit.


By the Numbers

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Student Organizations

Multiethic doctoral graduates
Top 4%

Campus Diversity

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Most Engaged in Service

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Division I and Varsity Sports

Living on Campus

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Residence Halls

Traditional residence halls, suites, apartments and houses are home to more 3,200 students who live on campus. Our facilities provide everything you need to live comfortably and excel academically.

Find Your New Home

Dining Options

A variety of dining options, coffee shops, and convenience stores are available to suit your tastes and fit your schedule.

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Wellness & Safety

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Lion Wellness

A wide range of on-campus services and programs are available to ensure that our students stay healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.

Visit Lion Wellness for a comprehensive list of wellness resources on campus.

Campus Safety

LMU is committed to the safety of its students, faculty, staff, and guests. Visit LMU Public Safety >>

LMU CARES (LMU's Campus Awareness Resource Education Services) provides education about resources, support and policies regarding sexual and interpersonal misconduct and prevention. Learn more >>

Reflection and Mindfulness

Three students at candlelight vigil

Campus Ministry

Programs designed to encourage learning, to care for the whole person, and to foster the service of faith and the promotion of justice.

Jewish Student Life

Opportunities for connection, collaboration and growth through religious, cultural, intellectual and social justice programs.

Muslim Student Life

Pastoral support, programs, resources, and services to further the identity, cultural, and spiritual development among Muslim students.

Spaces for Reflection

Step away from the business of work or study in order to consider, reflect, pray, or otherwise seek peace of mind and heart.

Broadcasting from the Bluff

student DJ broadcasting on KXLU studio

L.A.’s iconic KXLU broadcasts live from the bluff 24/7 and offers one of the only opportunities in the Los Angeles radio market for students to gain practical experience in all aspects of radio broadcasting. Have a listen:

Tune in at KXLU.com
Women's Volleyball player in mid air about to spike ball

Join the Pride

With 21 Division I and Varsity sports, plus dozens of Club teams, LMU provides plenty of opportunity to play hard or enjoy watching a great match.


Picture Yourself Here

Crowd of students at Fallapalooza concert
Get in Rhythm

Fallapalooza brings an awesome line up of live music to Sunken Garden to kick off each fall semester.

Student buys produce at farmer's market on campus
Be Well

Get some sun and a healthy snack at our own farmers market on Wellness Wednesdays.

Male and female student in LMU spirit mark shirts at athletics event
Show Your Spirit

There are plenty of opportunities to catch a great game at home, so sport your Lion gear and support the team.

Females students petting dog
Alternative Therapy

Feeling the stress of studying? Take a break -- and take a walk with Buster, LMU's own therapy dog.

Male student lifting weights in Burns Rec Center
Work it Out

Burns Recreation Center offers plenty of options to get fit and blow off steam, from weight training and cardio machines, to kickboxing and yoga classes.