Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles at sunset.

Los Angeles

Loyola Marymount University in Southern California is a thriving academic community with top-ranked programs and extraordinary faculty on a breathtaking campus in the heart of L.A. 

Los Angeles is our lab, our classroom, and our home. We share the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and optimistic outlook. Loyola Marymount University's faculty and students make their mark in every corner of town: protecting marine life on the coast, filmmaking in Hollywood, and innovating in our neighborhood, a thriving tech hub with more than 500 start-ups. And we do it all minutes from downtown L.A., enjoying ocean views and sunny skies.

A Creative Metropolis

An afternoon view looking over the warm Los Angeles skyline.

Big City, Bigger Creativity

California draws problem solvers and creative thinkers from around the world. The second largest city in the U.S., Los Angeles is one of the nation’s most dynamic economies and diverse cultural landscapes. Its booming industries create the future in aerospace, entertainment, and business, making a lasting social impact. And what fuels its innovative spirit? Diverse cultural life with worlds to explore in food, arts, natural beauty, and wellness. As a university in SoCal, LMU is a leader in that bright future.

Los Angeles as our Classroom

Living and Learning

At LMU, students connect to the city from Day 1 through research, community-based learning, and internships. With over 7,000 internships available through Loyola Marymount University Career and Professional Development, LMU is a gateway to L.A.'s many academic and professional opportunities.

Office of Student Research

Career and Professional Development

Center for Service and Action

LMU in Los Angeles


Available Internships


Companies in Nearby Silicon Beach


Hours of Community Service Contributed by Students Per Year

A Diverse City of Innovative Ideas

Forward-Thinking Approach

With its forward-thinking approach and unwavering commitment to progress, Loyola Marymount University has become a focal point for cutting-edge advancements in the region. As a catalyst for creativity and collaboration, LMU fosters an environment where students, researchers, and industry leaders converge to explore, develop, and propel the latest breakthroughs in technology and innovation.

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Why Go to College in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, a thriving college student hub, offers a unique blend of academic excellence and a vibrant lifestyle in Southern California. With world-class industries, diverse cultural experiences, and abundant entertainment tech career opportunities, Loyola Marymount University provides an ideal college environment for students to learn, grow, and launch their futures. The city's year-round sunshine and dynamic atmosphere make it a top choice for those seeking quality education and an exciting, fulfilling college experience.

LMU Impact

Developing Film Industry Changemakers

The Hollywood Reporter ranks LMU School of Film and Television as one of the country’s top 10 film schools for its 10th year in a row.

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L.A. Public Opinion Research

LMU’s Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles is the region’s leading public opinion research center, known for its annual Angeleno Poll.

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Connecting Students with Top Companies

LMU connects students with industry-leading organizations, resulting in 2,000+ yearly internships and 93% of students completing an internship by graduation.

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Reporting on California’s Business Outlook

Marketing faculty released a report with insights on California’s business climate to help shape the state’s long-term success.

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Stronger. Smarter. Brighter. Together

LMU x Rams

LMU and the Los Angeles Rams have entered a historic partnership, making LMU the first-ever official higher education partner of the Rams. With exclusive academic and pre-professional opportunities with the Rams organization, students will get an inside look at one of the nation's most successful sports franchises.

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Ignite Equity

Our Way of Life

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are deeply ingrained in how we live, learn, and work at Loyola Marymount University. Together, we examine our progress as an institution as we seek to create a more just and equitable world.

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Three Los Angeles Campuses


1 LMU Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(Located near LAX)

Westchester Campus

Playa Vista

12105 E. Waterfront Drive,
Playa Vista, CA 90094
(in the Silicon Beach area)

Playa Vista Campus

Law School

919 Albany Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(in downtown Los Angeles)

Downtown Campus

Discover Loyola Marymount University


The LMU campuses provide a backdrop to each student's unique university experience. They provide an environment where students focus intensely on academics while embracing life outside the classroom — from arts to athletics, spirituality to service. LMU offers diverse experiences that educate the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.

Social Impact

At Loyola Marymount University, our vibrant community is rooted in a rich tapestry of values that inspire and shape every aspect of campus life. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, we celebrate a diverse and inclusive community that embraces many perspectives. Here, our social impacts aren't just words on paper; they are the guiding principles that define who we are and what we stand for.