Physical Location Disclosure Policy

Due to federal and individual state regulations, LMU is limited in providing online courses and programs to students in certain states and countries. Acceptance into an online program or enrollment in an online course is based on where the student is physically located while taking the course(s). Activities such as completing clinical and internship requirements in a location outside of California are also governed by these regulations. Therefore, should an enrolled student CHANGE PHYSICAL LOCATION, he/she must notify the Registrar’s Office at least 3 months in advance. (Please refer to specific program rules in regards to securing clinical and internship locations.) Dependent on the new location, LMU may or may not be able to allow the student to continue taking online courses or approve clinical or internship placements.

Who this policy applies to:

  • Fully online students
  • LMU students taking online courses in a state/country outside of California (e.g., students participating in a study away program and taking online courses while away)
  • Students who are planning to complete their clinical or internship in a state/country outside of California