On-campus COVID-19 Testing Center

Starting Friday March 3, 2023, LMU has shifted to exclusively at-home rapid antigen testing, which continue to be offered free of charge to all community members. The current LMU COVID Testing Center permanently closed on March 3, 2023 at 4 p.m. Read more here

If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, please follow the instructions listed here

This page updated on March 3, 2023 to reflect the revised testing center operations.

  • At the Westchester campus, at-home testing kits are available for pickup as follows:

    • Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Dean of Students office (Malone 301) for students and Human Resources (University Hall 1900) for staff and faculty
    • After hours, including weekends and holidays: Campus Safety Services (Foley Annex) for students, staff, and faculty

    At LLS, at-home testing kits are available for pickup as follows:

    • Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Office of Student Affairs and Information Center
    • After hours, including weekends and holidays: Public Safety office in the parking structure

    There is no need to call ahead or schedule an appointment to pick up a rapid antigen test – simply walk in and one will be provided to you. Should you test positive, please report your case to the COVID Support Team at 310.568.6868 or COVIDSupportTeam@lmu.edu for personalized support and contact tracing.

    For more information about testing kits at the Loyola Law School, please visit the LLS Testing page

  • Instructions for your at-home antigen test are provided inside the kit.

  • Testing is available to LMU and LLS students, staff, faculty, and contractors only. Please be prepared to show your OneCard when obtaining a testing kit.

  • Unless advised by COVID Support, you do not need to take both tests. Simply store the additional test in a cool, dry place within your home for future use as needed.

  • If you need to obtain a PCR test, please call your medical provider, visit your local pharmacy, or visit L.A. County Health Services.

  • The FDA has approved an extended expiration date for COVID-19 antigen tests. Please view CareStart COVID Test Revised Expiration Dates to determine the updated expiration date for your test kit.

  • The on/go testing app is not required for at-home antigen testing. If you wish to download the app and use it at your own convenience, feel free.

  • Testing is not recommended if your first positive test was within the last 30 days. Testing is recommended (but not required) if your first positive test was 31-90 days ago.

  • Individuals may test regardless of vaccination status. 

  • LMU is currently offering testing free of charge to students and employees (including contractors who regularly work on our campus).

  • If you test positive for COVID-19, immediately return to your residence and follow the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's Home Isolation Instructions, and contact the LMU COVID Support Team at COVIDSupportTeam@lmu.edu immediately. If you are an employee on campus, please notify your supervisor and leave campus without delay. We understand that this is unsettling news, and we are here to support you. 

    Contact your healthcare provider if you feel ill and require medical care. Students who are experiencing symptoms should contact Student Health Services at 310.338.2881. 

    Call 911 if you are experiencing emergency warning signs, such as difficulty breathing, pressure or pain in your chest, bluish lips or face, or confusion or difficulty waking up. 

  • Your privacy is our top priority. All test results reside in a HIPAA protected database. Test results and all other protected information that is discovered during the contact investigation remains confidential per HIPAA and FERPA. 

  • We are happy to help you. Please contact the COVID Testing Team at COVIDSupportTeam@lmu.edu and allow 2 business days for a response.