COVID-19 Dashboard

Campus Status: Open to All Registered Students

Please Note:

  • LMU records lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases for individuals who have been on campus or participated in approved university activity during their infectious period. Isolation and/or quarantine is counted and tracked for LMU students, employees, contract employees and visitors who have ongoing access to campus.
  • Isolation is required for individuals who are lab confirmed COVID-positive, or are suspected to have COVID-19 due to the presence of symptoms and are awaiting test results. If they test negative, they will not be considered a COVID-19 lab confirmed case but must continue to isolate until they are fever-free for the prescribed hours and have experienced an improvement in symptoms. Home isolation guidelines.
  • Quarantine is required for individuals who have had close contact with a lab confirmed COVID-19 case or an individual suspected to have COVID-19 who is awaiting test results. An individual may move from quarantine to isolation if they develop symptoms and are suspected to have COVID-19 or receive a lab confirmed positive result to a COVID test. Home quarantine guidelines.
  • Multiple cases, even if simultaneous, do not always constitute a cluster or an outbreak. A cluster or an outbreak is defined by the L.A. County Department of Public Health as three (3) or more epidemiologically-linked cases within a 14-day period. Epidemiologically linked cases include persons with identifiable connections to each other such as sharing a physical space (e.g. in a classroom, office, or gathering), indicating a higher likelihood of linked spread of disease in that setting rather than sporadic transmission from the broader community.
  • Los Angeles County data is provided by and updated by Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management from the SDE data source through automated scripting. L.A. County runs the script daily at 4 pm and finishes around 4:15 pm.