University Reasonable Accommodation Policy

As the university prepares for the fall semester, Human Resources anticipates that some faculty and staff may prefer to teach or work remotely for various reasons.

Faculty: Faculty schedules are being reviewed and course assignments will be aligned with modality preferences as submitted in the recent Fall Semester Planning Questionnaire. To the extent course scheduling permits, preferences will be honored.

Staff: As we prepare to return to our campuses later this summer, supervisors will review options with staff members, and when operationally feasible, will honor staff requests to work remotely.

If faculty or staff are asked to work on campus, but they face health-related concerns or work restrictions that may limit their ability to return, please consult the Reasonable Accommodation Policy for alternative options and guidance. For questions about the policy,  the interactive process, or to seek general information about accommodations, please complete the Reasonable Accommodation Inquiry Form and a Human Resources Benefits team member will contact you.

Support Resources: Inquiries should be directed to the HR Benefits team member who corresponds to the first letter of the faculty or staff member’s last name.