Westchester Faculty Update on Campus Learning Spaces


Although the Westchester and Playa Vista campuses are open, not all spaces are or will be available to faculty. The university's current plan is: 

  1. General Purpose Classrooms will remain open for faculty to use Echo 360, Zoom, or other methods of technology. The rooms should not be used by students. 
  2. All Specialized Computer Labs will be closed. The Library will remain open and all computers in the Library will be accessible. 
  3. All Department Stewarded Classrooms will remain locked, however, faculty with access will still be permitted to use them. 

The labs are being closed for two reasons. First is an access issue, so that students, whether on or off-campus, will have the same experience. Secondthe ITS staff is supporting faculty to move their courses online, therefore staff support will be extremely limited for maintaining those labs. 

Questions? Please contact Helpdesk@lmu.edu