Safe Return Initiative


As the university prepares to welcome more employees back on campus starting June 1 as noted in HR’s recent communication, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Emergency Management recently launched LMU’s COVID Safe Return Initiative with the goal of ensuring all employees have a safe and public health-compliant workspace.

As part of this initiative, each dean and vice president have appointed a COVID safety liaison who will serve as the point person for their area as it relates to COVID workspace and instruction safety protocol and planning. COVID safety liaisons will complete a training, participate in ongoing safety sessions to stay abreast of changes in county and university protocol, and receive support materials to guide them through this process. 

Following June 1, when safety assessments are complete and an area has been deemed safe for the return of additional faculty and staff, campus access will be provided (during business hours) for all who work in that area. For more information, click here.