LMU Loyola Law School Online Instruction Trial Run


As LMU Loyola Law School resumes instruction the week of March 9, 2020, following LLS spring break, it is staging a trial run to help prepare to take academic instruction online should it be required to do so. All LLS students, faculty and staff received email communications on March 8 regarding scheduling changes for the week of March 9. Some important points: 

  • Most LLS classes on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 will be postponed. A list of LLS classes affected by the trial run can be found here (further details below).
  • LLS faculty and staff will use Monday and Tuesday to prepare to resume classes, in an online format, by Wednesday.
  • LLS classes will continue as regularly scheduled from Wednesday-Friday but will be held online through Zoom.
  • If LLS students have all classes that are postponed, they do not need to return to campus this week, although they are expected to participate in classroom instruction online Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 
  • LLS students who are unable to participate in online instruction Wednesday-Friday should review the Interim Attendance & Class Recording Access Policies and complete an Interim Absence Notification Form.
  • The following categories of LLS courses are not included in this trial run. This means the courses listed below will continue to meet on campus at their regularly scheduled time and place throughout the week (Mon-Fri) and will not be moved online: 
    • Experiential courses are not included in this trial run. This includes first-year LRW, Ethical Lawyering, clinical courses, placements/externships, simulation courses, practica, trial advocacy and appellate advocacy, as well as moot court/mock trial/competition teams. (Apart from these, if you have any questions if your class is experiential, you can check for the “E” designation on the Course offerings page here). 
    • Law Review (ELR, ILR, LLR) meetings, responsibilities, office hours are not included in this trial run and should continue as regularly scheduled.  
  • LLS’ IP Colloquium is not included in this trial run.  
  • LLS campus events will continue forward as scheduled. Check the LLS Events Calendar for event status updates. 
  • Updates and other important information will be sent via LLS.edu emails and LLS Alert. All members of the LLS community are encouraged to review and update their LLS Alert contact information, ensuring they have at least one phone number on file. To update LLS Alert information:  
    • Students: Visit https://webdb.lls.edu/emergency/ 
    • Faculty/staff: 
      • Visit https://my.lmu.edu/ and log in 
      • Select EMPLOYMENT in the top navigation to launch a drop-down menu 
      • Select “HR Self-Service” from the drop-down menu
      • Expand the menu item “Employee Self-Service”
      • Select “LMU Alert”  
      • Select “Update”  
      • You will then be able to review and update your contact details, including adding or modifying existing phone numbers. You must add at least one phone number. 
  • Updates specific to the LLS campus community will be added to this space as warranted by changing circumstances.  
  • Normal LLS campus operations are expected to resume on Monday, March 16.