LLS Advisory: Campus Operations Update Regarding COVID-19


Dear LLS community,

Thank you for your continued hard work, flexibility and support for one another in these extraordinary circumstances. We continue to align with public health guidance, including Thursday’s Stay at Home and Safer at Home emergency orders, issued by the State of California, the City of Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County. As you know, online instruction will continue through the end of the semester. Additionally, faculty and staff should remain at home next week.  

Online Instruction: Help for Students
Classes will continue online. Students should not come to campus.

  • For tech support for Zoom or other online tools, consult tech.lls.edu or Zoom technical support, or email helpdesk@lls.edu.
  • For help accessing online resources, consult the Rains Library’s research guide 
  • Reference librarians are available for research or reference assistance throughout the day; students may email reference@lls.edu with any questions. Students may also set up a virtual research appointment via this link

Faculty and Staff Remain Home Next Week
Faculty and staff should remain at home next week. Supervisors will continue to remain in contact with their teams with further guidance. Instructions for exempt and non-exempt staff may also be found online at https://admin.lmu.edu/hr/coronavirus/ under the “Remote Work” section.

For exempt and non-exempt staff working from home, you must complete the Remote Work Agreement.

  • Exempt staff, please complete the form found here.
  • Non-exempt staff who are approved by their manager to work from home should have already been contacted by HR to complete the form. Non-exempt staff should complete the form found here.
  • End date. Staff should include “TBD” as the end date because this situation is fluid.
  • Tips for submitting your form.
    • You may print, complete, scan and return forms to ivana.hazboun@lmu.edu.
    • If you do not have a printer, you may copy and paste the language from the agreement into an email, complete the required information (i.e. employee name, number of days working from home, etc.) and include a statement acknowledging that you understand and will abide by the terms.
    • If you have a printer but no scanner, you may complete the agreement, take a picture of it and email it to ivana.hazboun@lmu.edu.
  • For additional information, please visit Working Through COVID-19.

Checks and Direct Deposit

Employees are strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit using the form at https://my.lls.edu/finance/payrolldirectdeposit.

Due to Thursday’s stay-at-home orders, on-campus distribution of paper checks has been suspended, to ensure the safety of both the recipients and the distributors of these checks. Existing physical paychecks will be mailed to addresses on file in the HR Self Service area of MyLMU. Student employees may email rosie.branconier@lls.edu to provide an address for a paper check(s). Faculty and staff who are expecting a mailed check, please verify your address in HR Self Service as follows:

  • Visit https://my.lmu.edu/ and log in;
  • Select EMPLOYMENT in the top navigation to launch a drop-down menu;
  • Select “Employee Self-Service”;
  • Select “My Information” and review/update your mailing address information.

Credits or Refunds for Parking
In support of our students, faculty and staff, the law school will offer partial credits or refunds for parking. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we determine appropriate ways to calculate and process adjustments. Additional details are forthcoming.

Commencement Update 
Recent guidance from the CDC and other state and local authorities about the spread of COVID-19 and large events has impacted our plans for the Commencement 2020 weekend. While we have not made a decision about when and how we will celebrate Commencement, we are actively exploring options and anticipate sharing more information soon.

Important Reminders
If you have visited a country affected by COVID-19, are currently being tested, or have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact the LMU Westchester Campus Department of Public Safety immediately at 310.338.2893. This is to ensure the university can take the necessary precautions to limit any exposure or provide guidance for those returning from international travel to ensure adherence to travel advisories. For the most up-to-date information, please continue to visit lmu.edu/coronavirus.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.