Human Resources Updates for Faculty and Staff for January 2022


Dear Colleagues,

As we approach the winter break we share important updates that will take effect in January.

Hybrid, Remote Work, and Flextime
New university guidelines that offer hybrid, 100% remote work arrangements, and an updated flextime policy, detailing eligibility determination and the approval process, will be implemented in the new year. These new guidelines are the result of extensive research to ensure LMU follows best practices for hybrid and remote workers, and employees have clear policies that articulate these arrangements in detail. Workday is currently being configured to facilitate the request and approval process, and specifics will be announced in early January. Until that time, please continue following your current work scheduling arrangement. 

Equipment Allowance Reimbursement
Effective January 2022, LMU will implement changes to the equipment allowance reimbursement - cell phones, home internet, etc. - for both faculty and staff.

The Equipment Allowance, in place since March 2020, was COVID-19 related while campus was closed. Now that we are fully-operational on campus this allowance will no longer be provided with the final payment being made in December 2021.

Remote Work Allowances
Commencing January 2022, the following Remote Work Allowances will apply. Information regarding how to apply for the Remote Work Allowance will be shared in January.

  • All Full-Time Faculty: $30 per month remote work allowance
  • All Part-Time Faculty when on contract: $15 per month remote work allowance
  • Faculty with a medical accommodation (100% remote): $60 remote work allowance
  • Staff approved to work 100% remote will receive $60 per month.
  • Staff approved to work hybrid will receive $30 per month.

Mobile Phone Allowance
LMU’s Mobile Phone Allowance will remain unchanged and is available to both faculty and staff when appropriate. 

If a faculty or staff member believes business use of cellular phone, internet, or other miscellaneous business-related expenses exceed the standard remote work allowance provided above, requests for reimbursement may be initiated. Requests for additional reimbursement must be accompanied by appropriate documentation (e.g., cellular bill, internet bill, etc.) and must be submitted pursuant to university expense reimbursement policies and procedures through Workday. Staff continue to be responsible for compliance with all university policies.

Please feel free to reach out to Human Resources at with any questions. 

Stay safe and healthy, and we wish you happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

LMU Human Resources