Faculty and Staff to Remain Home Through May 30 with New Leave Options 


Faculty and staff should continue to remain home through May 30, 2020. For non-exempt staff who are not assigned to work remotely or on campus, choose an option below beginning the week of April 12.
Guide for Non-exempt Staff Only
  • Paid Leave Option (includes COVID Leave): Beginning the week of April 12, to remain eligible for COVID Leave, which provides for uninterrupted pay through May 30, you must exhaust all your vacation and sick accruals. All non-exempt staff not assigned to work remotely or on campus (full-time or part-time) by their supervisor may choose this option. For each pay period, you must: (1) record your vacation time for hours not worked; (2) once vacation time has been exhausted, then record sick pay for hours not worked. Once your vacation time and sick pay have been exhausted, you will be eligible to record COVID Leave for all remaining hours not worked through May 30.
  • Unpaid Leave Option: Beginning the week of April 12, should you choose not to use your vacation time and sick pay for hours not worked (as outlined in the Paid Leave Option), you may choose the Unpaid Leave Option since you will not be eligible for COVID Leave. During an unpaid leave, you will continue to receive group health coverage (medical/dental/vision) for you and your eligible dependents at no cost to you. You may also be eligible for unemployment benefits (consult the EDD website for more information).
  • It is your choice as to which leave option you elect. To avoid unnecessary interruptions in pay, supervisors/managers approving MyTime entries will assume the non-exempt staff member wishes to remain eligible for additional COVID Leave and will apply the Paid Leave Option. If you elect not to use your vacation time or sick pay, then please notify your supervisor immediately to confirm your selection of the Unpaid Leave Option. Further guidance for supervisors to follow.
  • Please note that due to changing circumstances associated with COVID-19, the university may change options as appropriate. Changes will be communicated in future email communications and through LMU’s Coronavirus Website.

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