Emergency Operations Center Recovery Working Groups

  • The CONTINUITY OF INSTRUCTION group, led by  Associate Provost for Research, Professional Development, and Online Learning Kat Weaver, is developing frameworks and requirements for the delivery of academic instruction online during short and mid-term recovery; providing training for online course instruction; identifying opportunities to integrate lessons learned into course instruction and format; developing strategies to mitigate risk and enhance readiness for continuity of instruction in the future.
  • The CONTINUITY OF STUDENT ENGAGEMENT AND STUDENT SUPPORT group, led by Dean of Students Terri Mangione, is exploring the physical and psychological wellness of students by utilizing campus resources and support that address student needs as a result of the pandemic; develop a plan for returning students to university housing, housing in the local community, and fully reengaging students in the LMU student experience.
  • The ECONOMIC RECOVERY group, led by Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Thomas Fleming, is focusing on the return of economic and business activities to a healthy state and developing new educational, business, and employment opportunities that result in a university marked by financial health and strength.
  • The CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS group, led by Director for Emergency Management Heather Hoffman, coordinates emergency management and guides departments, colleges, and schools through the activation of Continuity of Operations Plans, including the identification of critical, essential, extended, and deferrable functions within the COVID-19 context. They also develop strategies for effective infection control, and establish parameters for continuity of operations.
  • The CONTINUITY OF CONFERENCES, EVENTS, and ATHLETICS group, led by Associate Vice President for Administration Trevor Wiseman, recommends and advises on how event-focused areas may operate safely now and in the future, albeit in varying formats and within the parameters of public health requirements.
  • The CONTINUITY OF COMMUNITY group, led by Vice President for Intercultural Affairs Jennifer Abe, focuses on maintaining a sense of community (i.e., belonging, value, support) among faculty, staff and students while learning, teaching, and working remotely until we return to campus.
  • The COMMUNICATIONS group, led by Associate Vice President for Communications John Axtell, aims to deliver coordinated, prompt, reliable, and actionable information to the community through the use of clear, consistent, accessible, and appropriate methods to convey accurate and timely information.