Daily Update for Students With Information on LMU to Receive Student Emergency Grants from CARES Act


LMU to Receive Student Emergency Grants from CARES Act

The U.S. Department of Education confirmed that the university will receive $4.7 million in coronavirus aid and relief funding as a result of the CARES Act. The legislation provides about $2.3 million in emergency grants for students. LMU is currently working to secure those funds and determine how to distribute pending further guidance and clarification from the Department. More information is forthcoming.

GSLMU Graduate Student Summit on April 17 Via Zoom

Join us to learn what your fellow graduate students have been working on this past year as they present their research at our first ever virtual Grad Summit. We will also be recognizing the newly elected GSLMU Leadership Team and the winners of our first ever Graduate Student Awards! Join us virtually for a night of learning and celebration via Zoom here.

Remote Learning Survey for Students

Students, we have been reading your responses and are making adjustments based on what we are reading. Please make sure you take the remote learning survey to share your experience for last week and this week, covering April 6-April 17. Take the survey even if you have taken it before!