Community Update on Furloughs


Dear LMU Community,

Your courage and sacrifices amid the disruptions, changes, and uncertainties warm my heart and reaffirm my belief that our Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount mission is essential now more than ever. As the U.S. death toll approaches 100,000 and unemployment nears Great Depression levels, we have endeavored to protect our LMU community from not only the spread of the virus but also from its detrimental economic consequences.

In Preserving Our Strength, I outlined interim measures we enacted to offset known revenue shortfalls. And in our Comprehensive Community Update, Provost Poon and I described the adverse impacts of the global pandemic on our budget and the difficult decisions ahead as we reduce expenses to address shrinking revenues and volatile financial realities. Our shared sacrifices and interim budget reduction measures, including the canceled merit increases for FY21 and the 10 percent salary reduction of our senior leadership, have been critical to our path forward. Regrettably, these measures alone are not sufficient.

Today, I convey the most difficult news yet: Effective May 31, we will furlough 230 staff members until further notice. Furlough decisions were not based on performance; many factors are taken into consideration, such as decreased workload while our campuses are closed, shifting priorities during pandemic response and recovery, and budget challenges associated with revenue shortfalls. Supervisors in each division, college, and school have personally contacted impacted individuals to inform and support them through this transition. We look forward to our furloughed colleagues returning to their work as soon as possible and thank them for their contributions to our community.

Furloughs are temporary leaves, and affected staff remain employees, continue to receive health care and other university benefits, and are eligible for unemployment relief. Human Resources will continue to support our furloughed colleagues and help them obtain assistance for which they are eligible, such as Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) available under the CARES Act. For more information about furloughs please see the FAQ in Working Through Covid-19.

I know these actions are unsettling, and I share in concern for our colleagues and the sense of anxiety and disappointment that accompanies these uncertain circumstances. We approached these decisions with care and discernment, anchored in our guiding principles, and we remain confident that we will emerge from this moment stronger than ever. For all the disruption that this pandemic brings, it has also united us in our humanity and in our desire to do more for the greater good. Indeed, your immeasurable resilience, limitless abilities, and especially your boundless love for LMU will make everything possible.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude,

Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D.

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