Community Advisory on Fee Waivers, Athletics Updates


Community Advisory

LMU continues to monitor the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and is working diligently to safeguard the safety and well-being of our community. Please visit LMU’s Coronavirus Website (AccessibleEn Español) for the latest information.

What's New

Campus Recreation Fees Reversed  
Student Recreation Fees will be reversed on all student accounts, effective immediately. For students who will live on campus during the fall 2020 semester, these fees will be added to their future housing and board fee as appropriate.

Tuition Late Fees Waived  
To provide students and their families with more flexibility, Student Accounts is waiving all late fees associated with the upcoming July 20 tuition due date. Students may review their account by signing into the Student Account Center on the Student Accounts website or through PROWL (visit the Student Services Tab, then Student Accounts and Billing section).

West Coast Conference Delays Fall Competition  
The WCC announced that they are delaying the beginning of fall competition in all conference sports to protect the health and safety of student-athletes. WCC programs will not participate in any competition prior to Sept. 24, 2020. Read LMU’s statement here.

Lion Health Check Required When Approved to Access Campus  
All students, faculty, staff, contractors, and visitors who are approved for campus access must submit their Lion Health Check daily before arriving to campus or departing from their on-campus residence. Please submit your Lion Health Check only after you receive approval to enter campus. Campus remains closed. If campus access is required to retrieve items that are time-sensitive in support of your work, please continue to submit your request to your dean or vice president.
To access Lion Health Check, open Rave Guardian, LMU’s safety app. Follow these steps to install:
  • Select Lion Health on the Rave Guardian homepage;
  • Tap the top bar, Lion Health Check (COVID-19 Prescreening Tool);
  • Enter your LMU authentication information and follow the prompts to complete the symptom check;
  • Lion Health Check may also be accessed here.

Once submitted, you will receive a response either confirming (Green Check), or denying (Red X, with additional information) campus access. You must receive a confirmation to enter campus each day. Human Resources and Public Safety will be notified for those who receive a Red X.

Per LACDPH protocol, a Lion Health Check submission, which expires at 6 a.m. daily, is required daily prior to entering campus. Although Lion Health Check questions are determined by the LACDPH, they are not a diagnostic tool and should not replace consultations with your healthcare provider. We value your privacy: the information we collect will not be retained nor used except for campus admittance authorization. See LMU’s privacy policy here.

Reminder: Face Coverings Mandatory While on Campus  
Per county mandates, face coverings are required at all times for those approved to be on our campuses. The only exceptions include: those who are by themselves in their own private campus office or residence or while eating or drinking. For more information about acceptable face coverings, please visit LACDPH’s guidelines in English or Spanish.

Campus Remains Closed 
LMU continues to align with guidance from public health authorities:

  • Campuses remain closed, with the exception of resident students, permanent residents, and essential personnel.
  • Anyone approved to access campus must wear a face covering at all times and prior to entering campus entrances.
  • Campus residents who experience signs of illness should call their healthcare provider and then inform Public Safety at 310.338.2893. They must also follow all instructions to self-isolate.
  • Essential personnel who experience signs of illness may not enter our campuses. They must contact their healthcare provider and follow their instructions.

The university will continue to share more information as appropriate.


University Bulletins

Department of Public Safety Available 24/7

If you reside or work on campus and have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, are currently being tested, or have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact the Department of Public Safety immediately at 310.338.2893. This is to ensure LMU can take the necessary precautions to limit any exposure or provide guidance for those affected by COVID-19.
Support Resources and Services
Please note the university has resources and services available to support and assist our community:
Please continue to check the Coronavirus Website and FAQs to answer any questions you may have. If you cannot answer your question there or if there is other information you would like to see in our advisories, please complete this form.