ASLMU COVID-19 Student Support


Dear LMU students and community members,

First and foremost, we want to extend our love, care, and support to the LMU student community. Many of us are saddened to have ended our semesters on the bluff so abruptly. It is important to remember that we can continue to be civically engaged and contribute in positive ways to our community while still mourning the loss of memories we weren’t able to make. Undoubtedly, this pandemic will change the world as we know it and have a profound influence on our generation. It will reflect and define how we build community, challenge elected leaders and political systems, and above all, how we care for others, especially those we don’t know personally.

As students await policy updates, settle into our online class learning environments, experience personal life changes and listen to COVID-19 updates from around the world, we will continue to face new challenges. We wanted to provide an update on some of the steps ASLMU is taking to field these new challenges as we look ahead to the coming months:

1. Lion Emergency Fund
ASLMU has donated $40,000 to the Lion Emergency Fund. The Lion Emergency Fund is operated by the office of the Dean of Students and provides a maximum award of $500 to students with emergency financial need, but actual amounts will vary based on individual student circumstances and fund availability. Please do not hesitate to make use of this resource and spread the word to friends. Students can apply for a one-time disbursement by emailing the Dean of Students office at with the specific financial need and request. Funding requests will be processed within 3-4 business days.

2. RSO Support and SAFAB Allocations
ASLMU's Finance Team has been working diligently to provide Registered Student Organizations with financial support. We have started an ASLMU Emergency Fund for RSOs to provide reimbursements for RSOs that have lost money on purchases for now-cancelled spring events. For questions and assistance, please contact the ASLMU Chief Financial Officer, Ariana Siordia, or Assistant Chief Financial Officer, Isabella Ramin, at

3. Student Advocacy
Recent updates from the university regarding work study compensation, pass/fail and course-drop policies and extensions, housing and meal plan reimbursements, and the Lion Emergency Fund have demonstrated that university administrators are working actively to address student needs and concerns during this time. We will keep working with administrators to help shape ongoing policy conversations and ensure that student voices are heard in decision making, particularly around graduation and housing, meal plan, and parking reimbursement logistics.

4. COVID-19 Student Concern Form
ASLMU serves as a bridge between our student community and university administration. We know that during this difficult time students have many questions, concerns, and feedback for the university. Fill out the COVID-19 Student Concern Form to help ASLMU be better equipped to communicate student concerns to university leadership.

5. COVID-19 Student Advocacy Committee
ASLMU is starting a COVID-19 Student Advocacy Committee that will be comprised of five (5) undergraduate students along with us (Ken and Emily). The Student Advocacy Committee will meet weekly to discuss the university’s current and upcoming COVID-19 related policies and will have a direct line of communication with university administration to propose recommendations. If you are interested in joining the committee, fill out this COVID-19 Student Advocacy Committee Application. Applications are due by noon on Friday, April 3, and applicants will be notified of decisions by midnight the same day.

6. ASLMU Elections
ASLMU campaigning and elections are taking place exclusively online. Campaigning began last Wednesday, and voting will take place this Wednesday through Friday, April 1-3, 2020. Ballots will be sent directly to all LMU students’ Lion emails. Follow the three Executive tickets’ Instagram accounts and websites to read up on their platforms and stay up to date on the election:

If you are in need of assistance but don’t know where to find support, please reach out to us at or and we will do our best to help provide and connect you with support to get through this difficult time. You can also reach out to Dr. Mangione, Dean of Students, at

Sending our love and support,

Ken Cavanaugh and Emily Sinsky
ASLMU President and Vice President