Playa Vista Campus Is Getting Ready for Its Debut

Renderings of The Brickyard at Playa Vista are provided to show the look and feel of the interior of the campus.


We are only four months from moving day, and the promise of the LMU Playa Vista Campus continues to generate anticipation and excitement. The planning and construction teams have exercised great care into designing a campus that showcases academic excellence and inspires innovation and creativity.

Before LMU occupies the space in June, the architects and builders are finishing construction inside the distinctive white brick building at 12105 W. Waterfront Drive. Totaling 50,000 square feet of space, about 35,000 will be the new home for the School of Film and Television Graduate Programs in production and screenwriting. 15,000 square feet will be LMU community shared space, designed and built with teaching as the highest priority.

SFTV's graduate programs, already recognized among the best in the world, will grow with the addition of learning spaces designed for screenwriting and production, including technological editing, recording, sound mixing and projection equipment. On-camera talent will also have designated, on-site makeup and wardrobe areas.

The event venue, known as The Gallery, will provide shared space for the LMU community, including a 5,000 square foot flexible event and meeting location. There are also learning and meeting spaces that the university will schedule on an ad-hoc basis.

We designed the LMU Playa Vista Campus as a visually exciting backdrop for storytelling, and students will be able to film throughout the space. The suite's production, critical viewing, and listening spaces are forward thinking in design and functionality, as are its flexible classrooms. Amenities include:

  • 45-seat graded theatre for maximum projection quality;
  • 28-seat screening room for maximum projection quality;
  • 12-seat sound mixing stage with Avid S6 console;
  • 16-seat multi-use sound mix classroom with attached ADR/Foley stage and Avid S6 Console;
  • stand-alone Foley/ADR stage;
  • 16-seat Avid editing computer lab;
  • 8 professional-level Avid editing rooms with additional private teaching space
  • 7 seat color correction theatre;
  • 11 classrooms, including two high-end collaborative active learning classrooms
  • 3 flexible studios with green screen backdrops and moveable partitions
  • 2 "black box" teaching and production stages
  • 2 large "collaboration spaces/living rooms" with a variety of seating and table options for group and individual work
  • a café-like lounge area
  • Student Production Office (SPO) with resources and staff to aid student productions

LMU's Event Scheduling will handle the scheduling of events and classes for the Playa Vista Campus.

Keep an eye out for construction updates in future editions of LMU This Week and on LMU's various social media channels.