LMU Playa Vista Campus is the university’s creative center for graduate and professional education in Silicon Beach, anchored by the top-ranked School of Film and Television.
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Drawing of Shakespeare wearing an n95 mask
Shakespeare on the... Couch
Election Polls - Voting
Breaking Barriers to Voting: An Ongoing Advocacy
Party Leaders, Voting-Rights Experts Examine Access for Disenfranchised Groups
Brian Kotowski and Matt Frank sitting in a recording studio
LMUPVC Pushes Boundaries with Tech
AV Technology Magazine Spotlights Collaboration in Designing LMU’s Playa Vista Campus
Film Independent President Josh Welsh, LMU School of Film and Television Dean Peggy Rajski, and LMU President Timothy Law Snyder standing
The Portal Returns to LMU Playa Vista Campus
VR/AR Film Festival Brings Exhibitions from Around the World to LMUPVC
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