Playa Vista Campus

Loyola Marymount University

LMU Playa Vista Campus is the university’s creative center for graduate and professional education in Silicon Beach, anchored by the top-ranked School of Film and Television.

Events and Programs

John Carreyrou

John Carreyrou Live at Playa Vista Campus

Pulitzer Prize-winning author discusses his bestseller, Bad Blood

Illustration of a futuristic city scape with lots of techy thought bubbles and cogs in the sky

LMU Innovation Symposium 2022

Transforming Business in the Digital Age comes to PVC

A student asking a question through a microphone at an event with a large seated audience

ReThink Summit: Activism

How can communication become more inclusive and diverse?

Movie poster showing a distressed woman with her hand pressed to her chest

CSJ's Justice and Spirituality on Screen

Exploring faith and culture through the lens of modern cinema

Students walking in front of LMU Playa Vista Campus

Now Open for Imagination

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A scene slate being held open by a student

LMU SFTV Moves into Playa Vista

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