EconoRams Express: An Immersion Course for Economics Students

Economics Instructor Shirin Mollah and her sports economics students were given an inside look at the operations of the Los Angeles Rams during a two-day immersion featuring workshops, tours, and networking opportunities.

Day 1: SoFi Stadium

The group traveled to SoFi Stadium – only six miles away from LMU's Westchester campus -- and set up home base in the Rams locker room. Mollah set the stage for the two-day experience and various sessions planned, including the impact of supply and demand on the ticket market and prices, as well as various revenue sources such as concessions, merchandise, and corporate sponsors.

Student Presentations

Students then had the opportunity to present their research to the group, focusing on topics such as ticket price determination in pro sports, the “superstar effect” and the relationship between individual productivity and pay.

Examining SoFi Stadium from a Public and Urban Economics Perspective

Adolfo Romero, vice president of event programming at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, gave the students an overview of the stadium from the public and urban economics perspective. The vision for SoFi and Hollywood Park, he said, is to be a world-class global sports and entertainment destination with a local feel to it. So, even though the venue has hosted the Super Bowl and will host the FIFA World Cup and Olympics opening ceremony, their programming team is deeply committed to the local economy and providing diverse programming that will reach different communities and markets throughout Los Angeles.

A Tour of SoFi Stadium

Nick Gerst, manager of partner sales for the Rams, gave the group a comprehensive tour of the stadium, the largest and first indoor-outdoor stadium in the NFL. Highlights included the canopy roof, the Infinity Screen that can be seen from any seat, the gardens or “canyons” around its perimeter featuring plants and trees all native to California, and the owner's suite.

Day 2: Rams Headquarters

Day Two brought students to Rams Headquarters in Agoura Hills, Calif., for workshops with Rams executives on fan engagement strategies and economic considerations, a presentation about salary caps, and a discussion about consumer revenue and strategy

Panel Discussions

Lexi Vonderlieth, vice president of Brand Strategy, and Marty Turman, vice president of CRM and Marketing, discussed fan engagement strategies and economic considerations in marketing.

Tyler Potts, director of Partnerships, discussed player contracts, salary caps, and their impact on team composition.

Jason Griffiths, vice president of Partnerships, and Dan August, executive vice president of Consumer Revenue & Strategy, discussed revenue generation for NFL teams through partnerships, ticket sales, merchandise and media rights.

Networking Lunch

Students met with Rams staff across various departments, from legal, public relations and communication, ticketing, finance, and more, learning how each department contributes to the organization.

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