red cloud

Grads to Volunteer at Red Cloud Indian School

A pair of Loyola Marymount graduates will spend the next academic year at a Catholic school that serves more than 600 Lakota children in Pine Ridge, S.D. The partnership came about through the students’ work in the Center for Service and Action.

cuba doc

Documentary Confronts Cuban Revolution

School of Film and Television Professor Glenn Gebhard produced and directed the film, titled “Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution.” It focuses on two activists whose roles in the Cuban revolution were overshadowed by the ascendance of Fidel Castro.

A Slice of LMU: Center for Urban Resilience

Slice of LMU: Center for Urban Resilience

Urban landscapes challenge the very survival of local wildlife. At CURes, scientists and students work with local residents to save the endangered least terns on Venice Beach by training crows not to eat the chicks.