Words of Wisdom for Incoming Students

It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening on campus. To coincide with freshman orientiation, we asked faculty and alumni to share the best advice they could think of for students arriving at LMU in the fall, and collected them all on our Facebook page.


Professor’s Life as Only Living Welsh Jesuit

Dorian Llywelyn, professor of Theological Studies and rector of LMU’s Jesuit Community, reflects on the legacy of his predecessor, martyred in the 17th Century. His take? That religious freedom is fragile, and commitment to faith can sometimes mean dying for it.

View of LMU bluff

Looking Over LMU: An Aerial View of the Bluff

So you think you’ve seen our beautiful campus from every perspective? Think again. Watch the video for a spectacular view of LMU unlike any you’ve seen before: from above.