Updated Travel Alert for LMU Students Abroad


Given the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration's 30-day ban on all air travel from Europe to the U.S. for foreign nationals, and changes in CDC Levels for Europe and the UK,  LMU strongly recommends that students abroad return home as soon as possible.

Please be aware  of LMU travel restrictions based on CDC guidelines.  Students who are returning from programs abroad or who may have visited Level 2- or Level 3-impacted areas during their travels abroad must self-quarantine for 14 days, as recommended by the CDC, and are restricted from visiting the LMU campus until the minimum 14 days have passed with no symptoms.  In the event that any symptoms are noticed, call your health care provider immediately.

EUROPE – CDC Level 3 in effect 

As a result of the CDC Level 3, LMU students in France, Germany, Spain must make immediate plans to return home regardless of program status.  Plans for academic continuity are being developed.  Please note the latest program updates:  

  • NYU Paris has closed 
  • SLU-Madrid has stated that all US students should return home 
  • Fairfield has closed its Aix-en-Provence program at IAU and is requiring students to return home 
  • LMU in Germany at AIB Bonn is requiring LMU students to return home 

UK – CDC Level 2 in effect 

As a precaution, LMU students in London should consider returning home. Academic continuity plans have already been communicated to participants.  Please note the latest program updates: 

  • Fordham London Center is closed 
  • LMU Semester in London at FIE remains open but recommends US students return home with academic continuity plans already communicated to participants 
  • Hansard Scholars program remains open but with academic plans in place for optional  remote learning  


As a precaution, LMU encourages students in all other locations abroad to consider preparing to return home.  Students should be in contact with on-site program staff regarding next steps and academic continuity plans. 

A reminder that LMU’s iSOS travel assistance continues to be available 24/7 for any student emergencies abroad by calling  +1 215-942-8478.  For any health concerns, referral to medical care, emotional/mental health care, or travel-related issues or emergencies, iSOS should be your first call for immediate assistance. 

Students are asked to share their return flight information with LMU Study Abroad as soon as possible.  LMU will continue to communicate updates as they become available. 

LMU Study Abroad