Travel Alert for LMU Students Abroad


As you may be aware from recent reports, the Trump administration is issuing a 30-day ban on all air travel from Europe to the U.S. for foreign nationals.  While this ban does not currently apply to U.S. citizens, and some programs remain open at this time, we feel it is in our students' best interest to return home as soon as possible.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, LMU advises all study abroad students in Europe and in the UK to begin making travel plans to leave their study abroad program and to return home for the remainder of the semester.  As a precaution, students in all other locations abroad should consider preparing to return home, as well.  

We ask that students please send updated travel itineraries to  

We are awaiting further reports from our program partners and will communicate updates as they become available.  As shared in previous updates, remote learning strategies will be implemented wherever possible to help students continue academic coursework from home. 

LMU Study Abroad