Process for Hosting an On-Campus Event with External Guests

Page last updated Apr. 21, 2022.

Effective May 1, external guests will no longer need a pre-approved access placard to attend a scheduled event, Mass, or athletics competition. Also, Lion Health Checks will no longer be required. Read more here. 

For events occurring on April 30, 2022 or prior, please refer to the following policies that will remain in place until May 1. 


1. Submit an event request in 25Live, even if the space is managed internally. One week notice is required. When submitting the request, be sure to check the box that external guests will be in attendance.

2. Complete the online Event COVID Safety Agreement. In support of the health safety of our community, events with external guests continue to be limited. To confirm that this event has been approved, a copy of your completed agreement will automatically be sent to your respective Dean or Cabinet Member.

3. Conference & Event Services will confirm your event within 2 days of receiving your Event COVID Safety Agreement. Along with the confirmation, Conference & Event Services will provide you with a campus access placard for your event guests. This placard can be transmitted electronically or hard copy, and guests must present either the electronic or the hard copy version at the gate, along with their completed Lion Health Check.

4. Provide external event guests with the campus access placard and campus access and COVID safety guidelines in advance of their visit, including the requirement that each guest must complete the Lion Health Check for Visitors, and that anyone who is 2 years old or older must be fully vaccinated (or have had a negative COVID-19 test prior to the event*, if the individual has a medical condition or restriction, sincerely held religious belief, or is not yet eligible for vaccination). 

Event guests may attest to their vaccination status or negative test, or they may upload proof of their vaccine for extended Lion Health Check clearance through April 30, 2022. (Note: Lion Health Check clearance is not a substitute for campus access approval.)

*If providing a negative test, it must be either: 

  • PCR test taken within three (3) days of the event OR
  • Antigen test taken within one (1) day of the event

5. Campus Safety officers will check in event guests at the gate who present a valid access placard along with the Lion Health Check. If an individual does not have an access placard, Campus Safety will not grant access to that individual.

If you would like the opportunity to provide same-day exceptions to event guests who do not have a placard or who want to purchase a ticket/RSVP at the gate, a representative from your department is required to be posted at the gate at the area designated by Public Safety with hard-copy printouts of the campus access placard. The representative should arrive at the LMU Drive gate one hour prior to the event, and remain at the gate for as long as you would like the opportunity to provide same-day exceptions. Guests who check in at the visitor booth without a placard will be asked to make a u-turn and speak with your department representative at the designated area. If your department representative chooses to approve their access (or sell them a ticket), they should provide a hard copy of the access placard and then ask that guest to u-turn back into the visitor lane.

Important reminder: if a representative from your department is not present at the gate, any event guests without an access placard will not be admitted to campus.

6. Food and beverages may be served. You are encouraged, but not required, to allow for outdoor dining. If dining must take place indoors, proof of vaccination or negative test is required.  Ensure excellent ventilation by opening doors and windows if possible. Whether indoors or outdoors, be certain those who need to (e.g. those who are not fully vaccinated, those who are immunocompromised, those who feel more comfortable doing so), have the opportunity to space out while eating or drinking.

7. If a guest tests positive or learns they were exposed, contact the COVID Support Team immediately upon notification to you at 310.568.6868 or The individual should be instructed to report their positive result directly to the COVID Support Team here. You and/or others in your department may be called up to help support the contact investigation and exposure notifications.