Campus Filming Policy

In compliance with current L.A. County Public Health protocols, campus filming remains limited to only the most essential requests. The health and safety of the LMU community is our top priority, and one that we are legally required to protect.

If on-campus filming is critical to your project, you may submit a Campus Filming Request at the link below.

All LMU film shoots, on campus and off campus, require a designated COVID-compliance officer to be on set at all times. Please designate an LMU staff or faculty member to serve as your COVID-compliance officer when submitting your campus film request. Compliance officers are responsible for reading, understanding and ensuring the film set is in full compliance with L.A. County Public Health's Appendix J. Failure to abide by Appendix J while on campus will result in removal from LMU property and further disciplinary action as warranted at the university's discretion.

Please be advised of the following production protocols:

  • All production-affiliated individuals accessing campus will be required to submit a Lion Health Check each morning prior to arriving at LMU. This will serve as their county-mandated symptom check (per Measure C of Appendix J). Instructions and information will be provided to all film set attendees via email prior to the scheduled shoot.
  • One (1) individual may be unmasked for filming at any given time. Any individual who will be unmasked during their time at LMU must receive a negative COVID test prior to arriving on campus. LMU will help coordinate testing as necessary.
  • Per L.A. County Public Health protocol, please limit production to less than 10 individuals, including both cast and crew.

Please note: Campus film requests must be submitted no less than (10) business days in advance of the shoot. Submissions do not automatically guarantee that filming will be approved. All requests will be reviewed by an internal compliance representative. You must receive an affirmative acknowledgement of your approved request before entering campus.

If you require assistance submitting your request, please contact Christina Gustafson, communications manager, at