Podcast Interview with Elias Wondimu of Tsehai and Marymount Press

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Elias Wondimu
Elias Wondimu of Tsehai and Marymount Press

“Off Press” is a series of conversations with members of the LMU community about their impact on the world through their lives, their work and their Jesuit education. 

Episode 3: After being exiled from Ethiopia, his homeland, Elias Wondimu turned to producing books about his country’s history. Wondimu is publisher of LMU’s Marymount Institute Press and Tsehai Publishers, which together have created the Harriett Tubman Press, an imprint devoted to African-American fiction and nonfiction. He talks about his life in Ethiopia and the work of documenting Ethiopia’s history.

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More about Elias Wondimu
Born in Ethiopia in 1974, Elias Wondimu came to the United States in 1994 to attend a conference. While there he realized that his work as a journalist and activist in his home country would put his life at risk were he to return. Wondimu worked for seven years as managing editor with the Ethiopian Review, and in 2003 he founded Tsehai Publishers, which is dedicated to publishing African literature and is based at LMU’s Marymount Institute for Faith, Culture and Arts. In 2007, Tsehai and the Marymount Institute together established the Marymount Institute Press, a Tsehai imprint. In 2016, LMU and Tsehai launched the Harriet Tubman Press, which focuses on African American literature and academic publications. In February 2017, Wondimu received one of his country’s highest awards, Grand Officer of the Imperial Order of Emperor Menelik II.