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Staff Computer Loan Lottery Results

First Name Last Name Department
Freddie Armijo Facilities
Jorge Atilano Undergraduate Admission
Ramon Barajas Housing
John Base Information Services
Leah Burstein ITD (LLS)
Hampton Cantrell Public Safety
Lorena Chavez Center for Service and Action
Milan Cimbalnik Facility Management Central Plant
Heidi Connolly University Relations
Maria Corral School of Education
Diane Delgado Annual Giving
Arnold Diaz ITD - Loyola Law School
Dan Dye ITS
Darin Earley School of Education-Family of Schools
Lisa Farland University Relations
Heather Ferreyra University Relations
Martha Gonzalez Information and Support Services - Law School
Donna Gray University Relations
Katie Kusske Human Resources
Ernesto Lozano Graphics
Brian Luft University Relations
Doris Madrigal School of Education
Ronald Martinez Facilities
Emilio Melchor LLS/ITD
Mathes Mennell Athletics
Tracie Montgomery Human Resources
Yamiley Orozco Center for Executive Learning - Executive MBA
Lorenzo Ortiz Distribution Center
Maureen Pacino Communications, New Media and Design
Shantay Pierre Student Health Services
Marisela Regla Facilities Management
Anavely Rodriguez Student Financial Services
Norma Romero Upward Bound
Nora Romero OSVPSA
Rhonda Rosen library
Daniel Ruiz Athletic Ground
Julie Schultz Business and Finance
Dionne Simmons Student Housing Office
Bradley Smith OSVPSA
Jillian Snuggs Children's Center
Kyle Studebaker Facilities Management
Alma Vorst University Relations
Jennifer Westendorf Campus Recreation
Darlene Wilson Financial Aid
Donna Wong Development Services, University Relations


First Name Last Name Department
Carlos Agreda Law Library
Heather Alexander Human Resources
Raymundo Andrade William H. Hannon Library
Pam Buckles Academic Administrative Services (Law School)
Alex Contreras Facilities Management
Dino Entac Student Housing
Enrique Garcia Recycling
Clarence Griffin SOE
Elmo Johnson Event Services
John Kissell Marketing and Communications
Gigi Kurz Alumni Relations
Janet Lee ITS
Maria Lopez Facilities Management
Wendy Maximo Human Resources
Justin Melchor Office of the Registrar (Law School)
Richard Navarro Facilities Management
Dustin Reece Human Resources
Laura Robbs Administration/Children's center
Jason Smith Campus Business Services
Alfredo Vasquez Grounds

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