LMU Playa Vista Elevator Lobby Design Contest



Put Your Mark on Playa Vista and You May Win $1,000!

Have you been itching to show off your design skills? Well, now's your chance! LMU has launched a competition to design artwork for our Playa Vista Campus public spaces. The contest is open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni of the university. Feel free to enter as an individual or in groups! The winner/winning team will receive a $1,000 Visa gift card!

Deadline for submissions is Monday, Jan. 15!


Adrienne Wieder-Finch '15 walks you through the details.

We’re really asking for you to design a super-graphic for the walls, ceiling and floor of the LMU Playa Vista elevator lobby; one that yields an immersive environment. The graphic can be based upon color, pattern, text, image or all of the above. Here are some examples of different immersive environments.

The goal is to create a designed environment that makes a strong statement regarding LMU, Playa Vista, media, technology, community and an optimistic future. We want you to think boldly!

The winning design will be transferred to a printed graphic that can be adhered to walls, floors, ceilings, elevator doors etc. It’s not necessary to cover all surfaces but you are encouraged to capitalize on “scale” and make a bold statement that is different than conventional interior architectural design.

Your big idea is really what is critical while actual implementation assistance will be provided by the design team.