Responsive Actions (12.17.18)

Process Improvements

LMU has initiated responsive actions to address the investigation findings and improve future emergency responses.

Training Improvements

  • LMU DPS staff has been retrained on use of the LMU Alert system, including additional options for sending notifications in the event of technical challenges.
  • LMU DPS staff have been tested to verify that they are able to send alert notifications.
  • LMU DPS management has reinforced alert notification policies.
  • LMU DPS is reviewing operating procedures, policies, and protocols.
  • LMU DPS management has made alert notification procedures available to DPS staff for quick access during an incident.
  • LMU DPS and LAPD have met to review response challenges and to plan future coordinate training sessions.

Process and Systems Improvements

  • LMU DPS modified and added additional alert notification templates to reduce production time required to send an alert.
  • LMU conducted a successful alert system test at 10 a.m. on Nov. 16, 2018. System tests will be conducted monthly.
  • LMU DPS management is facilitating ongoing discussions with staff to reaffirm the importance and management support of sending immediate notifications rather than waiting for confirmation from upper management.

Next Steps

  • A review of the alert systems was initiated prior to the November 9, 2018 incident. LMU DPS has been examining options offered by alternate alert systems to provide additional ease of use and enable faster distribution across multiple platforms.
  • A thorough review of the quality of LMU DPS staff, staffing levels, training and emergency preparedness.
  • LMU DPS and LMU Marketing and Communications are recruiting for a newly created communications manager position, which will oversee DPS communications strategies and channels and lead internal communications training, protocols, and efforts.
  • While under the interim leadership of Interim Chief Danny Martinez, LMU will initiate a search for a new chief of DPS.