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About Us

The mission of LMU Emergency Management is to build a more resilient LMU by enhancing campus readiness and personal preparedness.  Under the Department of Public Safety, LMU Emergency Management serves as the campus-wide coordinator and manager for all emergency management efforts, including preparedness training, drills and exercises, the Building Captain program, emergency planning and response, capability development, LMU Alert (the university's emergency notification system), and the ReadyLMU Preparedness Campaign.  

LMU Emergency Operations Center

The LMU Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a centralized location from which LMU departments jointly coordinate the following activities:
  • Facilitate information management
  • Establish objectives and priorities related to incident support (resources, finance, and planning)
  • Track incident expenditures
  • Coordinate resource management and support

Building Captain + Emergency Response Team Program

The goal of the LMU Building/Pod Captain Program + Emergency Reponse Team Program is to ensure that every building on campus has trained staff and/or faculty available to provide safety and emergency preparedness information, as well as response support to the students, staff, and faculty in that location. 

With the exception of University Hall, one Building Captain is assigned to each non-housing building on campus.  In University Hall, each Village, office suite, and/or department has a Pod Captain.

Every Building/Pod Captain develops an Emergency Response Team (ERT), which is comprised of at least one additional trained staff/faculty member from each floor, wing, department or office suite, depending on the building layout and occupancy. 

Resident Directors and Resident Advisors serve as the Building Captains and ERT members in campus residence halls. 

Department of Public Safety 
1 LMU Dr, Foley Annex Building 
Los Angeles, CA 90045 
Phone 1-310-338-2893 
Fax: 1-310-338-5818 

In case of emergency 
dial 222 from any on campus phone