Mahmoud Nourayi

Mahmoud Nourayi
College of Business Administration

Mahmoud Nourayi isn't just a Loyola Marymount University institution. He's an integral member of many of the country’s top financial organizations, including the American Accounting Association, the Institute of Management Accountants, and the International Association for Accounting Education and Research.

Nourayi has taught at LMU for 25 years, and in 2012 was named Outstanding Accounting Educator by the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. He regularly presents at U.S. and international academic conferences and has served at various times as Accounting Department Chair, Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration, and as facilitator for the LMU Accounting Society.

“It was a humbling experience [and] one of the highlights of my career,” he said of the Outstanding Accounting Educator award. Though Nourayi says the award caught him off guard, it likely came as less of a surprise to others. Not a few of the California CPA’s 36,000 members were past students and peers, who've benefitted from his scholarship and teaching.

Nourayi has taught virtually every course the Accounting Department offers, including cost accounting, management accounting, quantitative methods, and planning and managerial decisions. His professional experience includes tax, financial and management advisory services, and he has worked as an auditor in both public accounting and government.