Kevin Molina-Ortiz ’16

Kevin Molina-Ortiz
Kevin Molina-Ortiz ’16
School of Film and Television

Kevin Molina-Ortiz ’16 counsels to have faith in artists; they will bring you something beautiful. He is doing his part. Molina-Ortiz directed the film “Fragile Dreams” as a sophomore and it won Best Animation at LMU’s Film Outside the Frame film festival in 2014. That experience of being honored by the community reinforced his feeling that he made the right choice to study animation.

For a summer he worked at Warner Bros. as “a full-blown storyboard designer, just a little twenty-something year old,” he says, working with longtime employees, making artistic decisions. “I learned so much.”

As a director of animated films, Molina-Ortiz is drawn to fantasy, because “it’s a blank slate with no context,” he says, “a different world with different rules, so the viewer can let go and experience it.” He notes the environment itself can be a character, “still imbued with meaning even though it is abstract and alien.”

Molina-Ortiz creates with emotion at the core, but he’s practical too, planning to get educated in the business side of things. “I want to get smart about finances,” he says. “That could open doors as I move toward whatever is in my future.”

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