Business Ethos Guides Space Tourism Firm

William Pomerantz, a vice president of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, told EMBA students at a recent talk that it’s not just science driving space travel from government to private enterprise — the good, old-fashioned profit motive is playing its part as well.

dear white people

Grad Talks Producing ‘Dear White People’

Producer Effie Brown ‘93 says the breakout new film, which won plaudits at Sundance and other film festivals, is itself a lesson for young filmmakers on how they can get their movies about important topics made in the age of Kickstarter and Facebook.

A Slice of LMU: Haunting of Hannon Library

Slice of LMU: Haunting of Hannon Library

Theatre arts students perform scenes from famous literary works of horror during “The Haunting of Hannon Library”, which has become a fun – and frightful – Halloween tradition for our LMU community and guests.