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All Majors are Invited!

All it takes to join is $20, and you get a classy DRP T-Shirt, along with discounted tickets for all DRP shows ($3 for plays, $5 for musicals)!

Get involved! If you’re interested in acting, writing, directing, stage managing, designing sets, lights, costumes, being property master, poster design, house managing, backstage crew, being a light or sound board operator, offering your expertise in special effects, building or painting sets, hanging and focusing lights, buying and sewing costumes, assisting designers or anything else, let us know! There’s a place in Del Rey for you! Just contact a board member!

Caitlin Bryson, Artistic Director
Thomas Wickboldt, Technical Director
Craig Batory
Chloe Looper
Joe Hospodor
Mara De La Rosa, Director of Records
Michael Chiaverini, Directory of Community Outreach/Alumni Relations
Lydia Ammossow, Staff Advisor,