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Current Event: The Annual DRP Cabaret Awards!

The Del Rey Players

--------Proudly Present--------

Cabaret Award Winners

Celebrating the 2008-2009 season

--------Of LMU's Student Run Theatre--------


Hosted by Lauren Johansen And Emily Olson


Best Production Team Member

Amy Sargent, Choreographer (Urinetown)

Best Crew Member

Nicole Blair, Assistant Stage Manager (Urinetown)

The Sam Wasson Award

Matt Figueira

Best Supporting Actor

Tom Nieboer, Senator Fipp (Urinetown)

Best Properties Design

Holly Leveque (Over the Tavern)

Best Sound Design

Megan Long (Rabbit Hole)

Best Featured Actor

Devin Kasper, Juror #8 (12 Angry Men)

Best Stage Manager

Cassie Lundgren (Rabbit Hole, Urinetown)

Best Scenic Design

Lexi Graboski (Rabbit Hole)


The Sharon Madden Award

Kyle Ruebsamen


Best Showboard Design

Rebecca Madsen (Over the Tavern)

Most Valuable Player

Emma McHugh

Best Supporting Actress

Sara Garcia, Little Sally (Urinetown)


Best Costume Design

Quinn Whissen (Over the Tavern)


Best Lighting Design

Samantha Cloonan (Urinetown)

Best Featured Actress

Elena Muslar, Mrs. Millennium/ Ruby Thursday (Urinetown)


Best Lead Actress

Kelsey Hainlen, Hope Cladwell (Urinetown)


Who's Your Daddy?

Elena Muslar


Best Lead Actor

Matt Figueira, Rudy Pazinski (Over the Tavern)


2009-2010 Board

Artistic Director: Emma McHugh

Master Electrician: Sam Cloonan

 Technical Director: Devin Kasper

Technical Director: Adam Garcia

Producing Director: Amy Sargent

Events Director: Cassie Lundgren

Promotions Director: Holly Leveque

Promotions Director: Tom Nieboer

 Director of Records: Sara Garcia


2008-2009 Season

"Proof" By David Auburn,

Directed by John Dittrick in Early Fall 2009

"A Nice Family Gathering" By Phil Olson,

Directed by Cassie Lundgren in Late Fall 2009

"All My Sons" By Arthur Miller,

Directed by Brennan Roche in Early Spring 2010

"The Odd Couple" by Neil Simon

Directed by Emma McHugh in Late Spring 2010  


Best Director

Nicole Rossi (Urinetown)


Best Production

Urinetown the Musical


Thank you so much for

your support!

The Nominees...

Lead Actress
Whitney Montgomery (Ellen Pazinski, Over the Tavern)
Joanna Sotomura (Becca, Rabbit Hole)
Kelsey Hainlen (Hope Cladwell, Urinetown)

Lead Actor
Matt Figueira (Rudy Pazinski, Over the Tavern)    
Joey Greer (Chet Pazinski, Over the Tavern)
Kyle McKeever (Howie, Rabbit Hole)
Devin Kasper (Officer Lockstock, Urinetown)

Supporting Actress

Lexi Graboski (Annie Pazinski, Over the Tavern)
Lindsay Wagner (Sister Clarissa, Over the Tavern)
Riley Berris (Izzy, Rabbit Hole)
Sara Garcia (Little Sally, Urinetown)

Supporting Actor

Jeremy Larrere (Eddie Pazinski, Over the Tavern)
Tom Nieboer (Georgie Pazinski, Over the Tavern)
Matt Figueira (Jason, Rabbit Hole)
Tom Nieboer (Senator Fipp/ Roger Roosevelt, Urinetown)

Featured Actress

Julisa Golden (Soupy Sue/ Julie Cassidy, Urinetown)
Kelsey Ion (Little Becky Two-Shoes, Urinetown)
Elena Muslar (Ruby Thursday/ Mrs. Millenium, Urinetown)
Michelle Ortiz (Old Ma Strong, Urinetown)

Featured Actor

Brennan Roche (Foreman, 12 Angry Men)
Cody Kopp  (Juror #3, 12 Angry Men)
Devin Kasper  (Juror #8, 12 Angry Men)
Tom Nieboer (Juror #9, 12 Angry Men)

Sound Design
Adam Garcia (Over the Tavern)
Megan Long (Rabbit Hole)
Cody Kopp (12 Angry Men)

Scenic Design

John Dittrick (Over the Tavern)
Lexi Graboski (Rabbit Hole)
Devin Kasper  (12 Angry Men)
Rebecca “Maddog” Madsen (Urinetown)

Costume Design

Quinn Whissen (Over the Tavern)
Emma McHugh (Rabbit Hole)
Kelsey Hainlen (12 Angry Men)
Katie Manning (Urinetown)

Lighting Design

Kyle Ruebsamen (Over the Tavern)
Samantha Cloonan  (Rabbit Hole)
Heather Romanowski and Samantha Cloonan (12 Angry Men)
Samantha Cloonan (Urinetown)

Properties Design

Holly Leveque (Over the Tavern)
Julisa Golden  (Rabbit Hole)
Sara Garcia (12 Angry Men)
Marnie Bernbaum and Grant Garry (Urinetown)

Showboard Design

Rebecca “Maddog” Madsen  (Over the Tavern)
Lincoln Mendell, Joey Hodara and Abby Pierce (Rabbit Hole)
Kyle dePinna and Cast (12 Angry Men)
Tessa Williams and Nicole Rossi (Urinetown)

Stage Manager
Jenae Baguley (Over the Tavern)
Cassie Lundgren  (Rabbit Hole, Urinetown)
Jayne Shim (12 Angry Men)

Production Team Member
John Dittrick (Assistant Director, Over the Tavern)
Emma McHugh  (Assistant Director, 12 Angry Men)
Amy Sargent (Choreographer, Urinetown)
Zach Simon (Music Director, Urinetown)


Emma McHugh (Over the Tavern)
Abby Pierce (Rabbit Hole)
Megan Long (12 Angry Men)
Nicole Rossi (Urinetown)


Over the Tavern
Rabbit Hole
12 Angry Men