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The Del Rey Players were started in 1931 to give Loyola students the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the production process in a completely student-run atmosphere. Aside from the Loyolan, we are the oldest student organization on campus!

The Del Rey Players were also formed so that students of any major could be involved in theatre.  You do not need to be a Theatre Arts Major to participate in one of our plays.

Get Tickets!
Go to CTA (Central Ticket Agency) at the Burns Rec Center, or call them at (310) 338-7588.
Adult Ticket Prices:            $10

Student Ticket Prices:        $7

Del Rey Player Prices:        $5  

Become a Del Rey Player and SAVE MONEY!!!!

Get Involved!
There are so many ways to get involved in every aspect of theatre. You could help out with, set construction, lighting, sound, costumes, advertising, house managing, building a better website, poster design, acting, and the list goes on and on.