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University Master Plan


To meet the challenges of the 21st century the education provided by LMU to its students needs to keep pace with advances in facilities and technology and the way current and future generations study, teach, live, communicate and interact across the globe. In order to provide the appropriate educational environment, LMU must modernize its campus facilities.

In order to modernize our campus, LMU is beginning a Master Plan process with the City of Los Angeles and the community, which will ultimately serve as the blueprint for the next 20 years. We would like for you to be a part of this process, helping us to remain a local and regional resource while continuing our vision as one of the premier universities on the West Coast.

Our plan will seek to upgrade educational buildings, provide additional and improved on-campus housing opportunities for undergraduate students, improve on-campus recreational facilities, and enhance the campus¹ landscaping and pedestrian features.

The Master Plan process essentially involves preparation of an Environmental Impact Report by the City. Following the preparation of the Environmental Impact Report, a public participation hearing process will be conducted by the City to consider the Master Plan.

In October 2008 LMU filed documents with the City to start the environmental analysis for the LMU Master Plan. The City will then issue a ³Notice of Preparation² (NOP) that will announce the date of a ³Scoping Session² hosted by the City. The scoping session is an opportunity for members of the public to provide comments to the City regarding the potential ways in which the Master Plan may impact the environment, including the surrounding community. The environmental issues will be analyzed in a Draft Environmental Impact Report. The Draft Environmental Impact Report will be made available to the public for its review and comment. The Final Environmental Impact Report must be approved by the City for the Master Plan to move forward. The Master Plan also will be submitted to the City for their review and approval.

We encourage you to participate in the Master Plan process. We also maintain this Web so that you will be able keep track of the progress of the Master Plan process. We expect the overall process to take approximately two years.

We are proud to be your neighbors and part of the Westchester community, and we look forward to working with you on our plan for the modernization of the LMU campus. If you have questions or comments, please call our information line at (800) 371-8943 and a representative of LMU will contact you.

Best regards,

Burcham Sig 3
David W. Burcham
Interim President