Butler, Frederick -- Physical Sciences(Mathematics), York College of Pennsylvania
The Effect of a Core Mathematics Revision on Student Learning Outcomes
Keywords: Core Mathematics, Critical Thinking, Student Learning Outcomes.
Category: Ideas

Chapel, Fredrick -- Education, Antioch University
Is it possible to measure growth over time through stories?
Keywords:Qualitative Methods, Student Achievement, Reflection, Storytelling, Program evaluation.
Category: Results
Collaborator: McDermott, Cynthia - Education, Antioch University.

Hindman, Jane E. -- Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Queensborough Community College
Strategic Engagement: Supporting Faculty in Writing for Publication
Keywords: Faculty Development, Research Strategies, Publishing.
Category: Ideas
Collaborator: Amaral, Jean - Emerging Technologies, Library, Queensborough Community College.

Jackson, Lorraine D. -- Communication Studies, California Polytechnic State University
Developing Students’ Oral Communication Skills: A Rubric-Based Assessment Project
Keywords: Oral Communication, Public Speaking, Rubric, Feedback, Assessment.
Category: Results

Jarrott, Mary -- School of Health, University of New England
Postcards from Practice – A Work in Progress
Keywords: Online Learning, Storytelling, Integrated Learning.
Category: Ideas
Collaborators: Penny Paliadelis, Vicki Parker, Ieva Stupans, Nicky Hudson, Myfanwy Maple, Maree Puxty, Donella Piper, Sabina Arora, Anthea Fagan, Pauline Gillan, Rhonda Wilson, Helena Sanderson - University of New England.

Kruse, Gerald -- Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information Technology, Juniata College
Using Performance Tasks in a Full-Cycle Assessment to Improve Quantitative Reasoning
Keywords: Quantitative Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Performance Task, Assessment, Rubrics.
Category: Results
Collaborator: David Drews - Psychology (emeritus), Juniata College.

Ogilvie, Andrew -- English, University of California Santa Barbara
Assessing Writing Knowledge Development in a Hispanic Serving Institution
Keywords: Assessment, Threshold Concepts, First-Year Writing, Methodology, Writing.
Category: Ideas

Shoepe, Todd -- Health & Human Sciences, Loyola Marymount University
Engaging Undergraduates in Online Synchronous Class Sessions
Keywords: Engagement, Synchronous Online Teaching.
Category: Results
Collaborators: Stephanie August - Computer Science, Loyola Marymount University, Evan K. Yates - Health and Human Scienes, Loyola Marymount University, Nick L. Mattos - Information Technology Services, Loyola Marymount University, John F. McManus - Educational Technology, Pepperdine University, Paul R. Sparks - Education, Pepperdine University.

Stufft, Monica -- Theatre, University of San Diego
Putting Collaboration Front and Center
Keywords: Theatre, Collaboration, Group Work, Assessment, Learning Outcomes.
Category: Ideas

White, Gail -- English, DeVry University
Memoirs in Freshman Composition: Diagnostic Tool for At-Risk Students
Keywords: Memoir, Composition, At-Risk Students, Strategies.
Category: Ideas
Collaborator: Hibsman, Tim - English, Indiana University.



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