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Production - Film and Television

Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Production - Film and Television

University Core requirements

Please consult the University Core requirements page for additional courses as required by the School of Film and Television.

Lower Division Major Requirements:
LMU COURSE                                                         SANTA MONICA COLLEGE COURSE                                                           
FTVS 100: Storytelling None
FTVS 200: Survey of Mass Media COMM 1: Survey of Mass Communications
FTVS 210: Art of the Cinema FILM 1: Film Appreciation: Introduction to Cinema
FTVS 212: Art of the Television None
PROD 180: Pre-Production I None
PROD 200: Production I* None
PROD 250: Production II* None
RECA 250: Sound Design None
SCWR 220: Beginning Screenwriting None
*Courses must be completed with a grade of B [3.0] or better.