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History, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in Social Science

Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in History, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in Social Science

University Core Requirements specific to this major
: Students are required to take 2 courses (6 semester hours) in fulfillment of the University Core requirement in Social Sciences.  Students following this major curriculum take the following courses as indicated below.  Please consult the University Core requirements page for additional courses as required by the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts.

LMU COURSE SANTA MONICA COLLEGE COURSE       Core Requirement fulfilled                                              
ECON 100: Economic Literacy None Social Science
GEOG 100: Human Geography GEOG 2: Introduction to Human Geography Social Science
MATH 102: Quantitative Skills for the Modern World MATH 21: Finite Math for Liberal Arts Mathematics
THST 180: Religions of the World None Theological Studies

Lower Division Major Requirements:
LMU COURSE                                                 SANTA MONICA COLLEGE COURSE                                                                
HIST 300: History of Global Encounters before 1500 None
HIST 301: History of Global Encounters after 1500 None
HIST 161: Young America, 1607-1900 HIST 11: History of the U.S. to 1865
HIST 162: Contemporary America HIST 12: History of the U.S. after 1865
POLS 135: American Politics None
POLS 155: Comparative Politics POL SC 2: Comparative Gov't and Politics

Contemporary Societies Requirement: Students choose one of the following courses to fulfill this requirement.
LMU COURSE SANTA MONICA COLLEGE COURSE                                                          
HIST 152: Modern Middle East None
HIST 172: Modern Latin America HIST 6: History of Latin America 2
HIST 182: Modern Asia HIST 25: History of East Asia since 1600
HIST 192: Contemporary Africa HIST 39: African History II