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Theatre Arts

Lower Division Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

Lower Division Major Requirements
THEA 111: Introduction to Theatre Production TA 1: Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 120: Basic Stagecraft TA 40: Stagecraft
THEA 220: Introduction to Basic Scene, Lighting and Costume Design No course equivalency
THEA 240: Western Theatre History and Literature I TA 25: Theatre History: Primitive to Renaissance
THEA 245: Western Theatre History and Literature II TA 26: Theatre History: Renaissance to Contemporary
THEA 250: Theatre Practicum: Crew

Choose one course:
• TA 15: Rehearsal and Performance: Drama
• TA 16: Rehearsal and Performance: Comedy
• TA 17: Rehearsal and Performance: Mixed Genres
• TA 18: Rehearsal and Performance: Dance
• TA 19: Rehearsal and Performance: Musical Theatre
• ETT 100: Applied Theatre Production
• ETT 104: Costume Crafts
• TA 113: Rehearsal and Performance: Children's Theatre
• ETT 142: Theatre Production

THEA Electives: 7 semester hours planned in consultation with Departmental advisor at LMU. Please contact Tom Gutto at for assistance in determining which electives fulfill this requirement.