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Lower Division Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

University Core Requirements for pre-Fall 2015 transfer students
Please consult the University Core requirements for additional courses as required by the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts.

Lower Division Major Requirements
PHIL 220: Critical Thinking No course equivalency
PHIL 221: Symbolic Logic No course equivalency
PHIL 296: Philosophy Proseminar No course equivalency

Philosophy Electives requirement 
Students are required to complete 5 philosophy electives, two of which may be at the lower division level.  To complete two 3-unit electives before transferring to LMU, please choose from the
transferable philosophy courses list.

Foreign Languages
Students are strongly encouraged to study a foreign language to enhance their philosophical studies.  Those interested in the major in philosophy should contact Arek Horozyan ( for information in selecting the appropriate languages to support their program.

Philosophy majors are required to have an average grade of C+ (2.3) in philosophy courses.