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English Majors

Lower Division Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in English
  • English Major
  • English Major: Secondary Teacher Preparation Program (STPP)

Lower Division Major Requirements
Genres requirement
Choose two of the following courses:
ENGL 2200: Language of Drama
ENGL 2201: Language of Poetry
ENGL 2202: Language of Fiction
ENGL 2296: Special Studies in Genres
Genres requirement
No course equivalencies
Histories requirement
Choose two of the following courses:
ENGL 2203: Histories: British Literature I
ENGL 2204: Histories: British Literature II
ENGL 2297: Special Studies in Histories
Histories requirement
Take the following courses:
• ENG 17A: Survey of English Literature: Beowulf to the Romantic
• ENG 17B: Survey of English Literature: Romantic Movement to
  the Present*

*Note: Students intending to major in the STPP are required to take these courses in fulfillment of the Histories requirement.