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Physics Courses 

Note:  Some LMU Colleges and the School of Film and Television may not accept these courses for core or major requirements.  Please refer to the University Core and Lower Division Major requirements pages for information regarding how these courses may apply to specific majors.

All courses unless designated as non-transferable are approved for elective credit.

These courses transfer to LMU as follows:
SC Course LMU Course Satisfies University Core Requirement Satisfies Lower Division Major Requirement Elective Credit
ASTR 20 PHYS 271 Science Yes Yes
ASTR 21 None Science No Yes
ASTR 25 None Science No Yes
ASTR 45 None Science No Yes
GEOL 21 None Science No Yes
PHYS 2A None Science No Yes
PHYS 2B None Science No Yes
PHYS 4A PHYS 101+103 Science Yes Yes
PHYS 4B PHYS 201+203 Science Yes Yes
PHYS 4C PHYS 202+204 Science Yes Yes
PHYS 20 PHYS 278 Science No Yes