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Dance Courses

Note:  Some LMU Colleges and the School of Film and Television may not accept these courses for core or major requirements.  Please refer to the University Core and Lower Division Major requirements pages for information regarding how these courses may apply to specific majors.
All courses unless designated as non-transferable are approved for elective credit.

These courses transfer to LMU as follows:
SC Course         LMU Course         Satisfies University Core Requirement Satisfies Lower Division Major Requirement Elective Credit
DANCE 9 DANC 163 Creative Arts Yes Yes
DANCE 10 None No No Yes
DANCE 11 DANC 279 No No Yes
DANCE 51 None No No Yes
DANCE 52 DANC 120 No Yes Yes
DANCE 53    DANC 220 No Yes Yes
DANCE 54 None No No Yes
DANCE 55 DANC 102 No Yes Yes
DANCE 56 DANC 202 No Yes Yes
DANCE 57 None No No Yes
DANCE 58 DANC 142 No No Yes
DANCE 59 DANC 242 No No Yes
DANCE 60 None No No Yes
DANCE 61 DANC 144 No No Yes
DANCE 62 DANC 244 No No Yes
DANCE 63 None No No Yes
DANCE 64 None Critical Arts No Yes
DACE 67 None No No Yes
KNES 28 None No Yes Yes
KNES 29 None No Yes Yes
KNES 50 None No No Yes
KNES 65 None No Yes Yes
KNES 93 None No Yes Yes
KNES 94 None No Yes Yes