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Studio Arts, Fine Arts emphasis with a concentration in Ceramics

Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts, Fine Arts emphasis with a Ceramics concentration

University Core requirements
Please consult the University Core requirements page for additional courses as required by the College of Communication and Fine Arts.

Lower Division Major Requirements:
ARHS 200: Art of the Western World I ART 25: Survey of Art History: Ancient Worlds to Gothic
ARHS 201: Art of the Western World II ART 26: Survey of Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ARHS 202: Modernism ART 28: History of Modern Art
ART 153: Drawing I ART 80: Drawing I
ART 160: Two-Dimensional Design ART 40: Two-Dimensional Design
ART 260: Computer Graphics None
ART 275: Three-Dimensional Design ART 41: Three-Dimensional Design
ART 70: Fundamentals of Sculpture
ART 78: Beginning Life Sculpture
ART 276: Ceramic Sculpture None
ART 278: Ceramics I ART 10: Ceramics - Handbuilding I
ART 11: Ceramics - Wheel I