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Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
Lower Division Major Requirements

The Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts offers undergraduate majors leading to the following degrees:

          African American Studies (AFAM)

          Asian and Pacific Studies (ASPA)

          Chicana/o Studies (CHST)

          Classical Civilizations (CLCV)

          Classics (CLAS)

          Economics, B. A. (ECON)

          Economics, B. S. (ECON)

          English (ENGL)

          European Studies (EURO)

          French (FREN)

          Greek (GREK)

          History (HIST)

          Humanities (HMNT)

          Latin (LATN)

          Liberal Studies for Elementary Education (LBST)

          Philosophy (PHIL)

          Political Science (POLS)

          Psychology (PSYC)

          Sociology (SOCL)

          Spanish (SPAN)

          Theological Studies (THST)

          Urban Studies (URBN)

          Women’s Studies (WNST)

Click on the major to view the courses offered by Saddleback College that fulfill the lower division requirements.