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Mathematics, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program with a 2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential

Lower Division Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program with a 2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential 

  • The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Mathematics is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching mathematics at the secondary (i.e., middle or high school) level.
  • Students complete the requirements for the academic major and additionally may fulfill requirements leading to the 2042 California Preliminary Single Subject (Secondary) Teaching Credential.
  • Students interested in this major should follow the lower division curriculum below and contact Tom Gutto at tgutto@lmu.edu for additional information.
  • Students may transfer coursework in fulfillment of University Core (General Education) and lower division major requirements as designated below.
MATH 131: Calculus I MATH 005A: Calculus
MATH 132: Calculus II MATH 005B: Calculus
MATH 190: Workshop in Math I No course equivalency
MATH 191: Workshop in Math II No course equivalency
MATH 234: Calculus III MATH 005C: Calculus
MATH 245: Ordinary Differential Equations MATH 055: Differential Equations
MATH 055H: Honors Differential Equations
MATH 248: Introduction to Methods of Proof No course equivalency
MATH 250: Linear Algebra MATH 010: Linear Algebra and Applications
MATH 282: Elementary Numerical Methods No course equivalency
MATH 293: Field Experience No course equivalency
Science requirement
Choose one course:
• CMSI 185: Computer Programming
• CMSI 281: Data Structures
• PHYS 101: Introduction to Mechanics
• PHYS 201: Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism
Choose one course:
• CIS 016: Java Programming
• CS 008: Fundamentals of Computer Science III: Data Structures
• PHYS 001A: General Physics
• PHYS 001B: General Physics