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Mathematics, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program with a 2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential

Lower Division Curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Secondary Teacher Preparation Program with a 2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential 

  • The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Mathematics is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching mathematics at the secondary (i.e., middle or high school) level.
  • Students complete the requirements for the academic major and additionally may fulfill requirements leading to the 2042 California Preliminary Single Subject (Secondary) Teaching Credential.
  • Students interested in this major should follow the lower division curriculum below and contact Tom Gutto, admissions@lmu.edu, for additional information.
  • Students may transfer coursework in fulfillment of University Core (General Education) and lower division major requirements as designated below.

Beginning Fall 2013, LMU will introduce a new set of University Core requirements.  Transfer students who begin their studies at LMU before Fall 2015 may continue to follow the former University Core pattern listed below.  Transfer students entering LMU as of Fall 2015 will be required to follow the new Core requirements.  Transfer information for the new Core will be posted soon. 

American Cultures SOC 014
College Writing ENGL 001A
Communication/Critical Thinking Choose one course:
PHIL 025, 030
PHSC 002
SPCH 001, 002, 06, 010, 012
Creative Arts Choose one course:
ART 011B, 023A, 023B, 023C, 024, 038A
DANC 008A+008B+008C (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement)
ENGL 005A, 005B, 009
MUSC 041A+041B+042A (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement)
MUSC 071A+071B+072 (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement)
MUSC 081A+081B+081C (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement)
MUSC 083A+083B+084 (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement)
PHOT 021
Critical Arts Choose one course:
ART 001A, 001B, 004D
MUSC 001, 040
THRT 005
Western Civilization HIST 001A + 001B
Contemporary Societies HIST 007B (fulfills the U.S. Constitution requirement)
Literature Choose one course:
CHIN 012
ENGL 001B, 024, 044A, 044B, 044C, 060
FRNC 012
GRMN 012
ITAL 012
JAPN 012
SPAN 012
THRT 005
Philosophy* Completed at LMU
Social Science Take both courses:
• PSYC 001
• POLS 001 (fulfills the U.S. Constitution requirement)
THST 100 level* Choose one course:
RELG 001
*Transfer students who enter LMU with a minimum of sixty (60) accepted transfer hours are exempted from this lower division requirement.

MATH 131: Calculus I MATH 005A: Calculus
MATH 132: Calculus II MATH 005B: Calculus
MATH 190: Workshop in Math I No course equivalency
MATH 191: Workshop in Math II No course equivalency
MATH 234: Calculus III MATH 005C: Calculus
MATH 245: Ordinary Differential Equations MATH 055: Differential Equations
MATH 055H: Honors Differential Equations
MATH 248: Introduction to Methods of Proof No course equivalency
MATH 250: Linear Algebra MATH 010: Linear Algebra and Applications
MATH 282: Elementary Numerical Methods No course equivalency
MATH 293: Field Experience No course equivalency
Science requirement
Choose one course:
• CMSI 185: Computer Programming
• CMSI 281: Data Structures
• PHYS 101: Introduction to Mechanics
• PHYS 201: Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism
Choose one course:
• CIS 016: Java Programming
• CS 008: Fundamentals of Computer Science III: Data Structures
• PHYS 001A: General Physics
• PHYS 001B: General Physics