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Business Majors

Lower Division Curriculum for majors offered by the College of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in:
  • Applied Information Management Systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting (B.S.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science with a major in:
  • Applied Information Management Systems

Beginning Fall 2013, LMU will introduce a new set of University Core requirements.  Transfer students who begin their studies at LMU before Fall 2015 may continue to follow the former University Core pattern listed below.  Transfer students entering LMU as of Fall 2015 will be required to follow the new Core requirements.  Transfer information for the new Core will be posted soon. 

University Core Requirements for pre-Fall 2015 transfer students
Students in the College of Business Administration are required to fulfill the following University Core (General Education) requirements.

American Cultures SOC 014
College Writing ENGL 001A
Communication No course equivalency
Creative Arts Choose one course:
ART 011B, 023A, 023B, 023C, 024, 038A -----
DANC 008A+008B+008C (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement)  ----- ENGL 005A, 005B, 009 -----
MUSC 041A+041B+042A (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement) ----- MUSC 071A+071B+072 (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement) ----- MUSC 081A+081B+081C (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement) -----
MUSC 083A+083B+084 (all 3 courses are needed to fulfill this requirement) ----- PHOT 021 ----- THRT 02A
Critical Arts Choose one course:
ART 001A, 001B, 004D ----- MUSC 001, 040 ----- THRT 005
Western Civilization Choose one course:
HIST 001A+001B
Contemporary Societies Choose one course:
HIST 007B, 009B, 027B
Literature Choose one course:
CHIN 012 ----- ENGL 001B, 024, 044A, 044B, 044C, 060 -----
FRNC 012 ----- GRMN 012 ----- ITAL 012 ----- JAPN 012 -----
SPAN 012 ----- THRT 005
Mathematics Under Review
Science/Technology Choose one course:
ANAT 025 ----- ANTH 001 ----- ASTR 001, 012 ----- BIOL 001A, 001B, 001C, 002, 003, 004, 010A, 010B, 010C, 011, 014, 016, 028, 030, 035, 036, 037, 038, 039, 040 ----- CHEM 001A, 001B, 001C, 002A, 002B, 008A, 008B, 010, 022 ----- ELTN 009, 015, 025, 031, 032 ----- ENGR 001A, 001B, 014, 015A, 015B, 016 ----- ENVS 001, 002, 003 ----- GEOG 001 ----- GEOL 001, 003, 004, 006, 008, 012, 016, 022 ----- MICR 002 ----- NUTR 011 ----- KINT 002, 005 ----- PHYS 001A, 001B, 001C, 001D, 002A, 002B, 010, 031A, 031B ----- PHSC 003, 037 ----- PYSO 001, 002A, 002B
Philosophy* Completed at LMU
Social Science (2 courses) Take both courses:
PSYC 001
THST 100 level* RELG 001
*Transfer students who enter LMU with a minimum of sixty (60) accepted transfer hours are exempted from this lower division requirement.

Lower Division Major Requirements
NOTE: All Courses listed below must be taken in-class. Online courses may be accepted upon approval by the College of Business Administration.

NOTE: Courses indicated in red may currently be fulfilled through the pre-Fall 2013 University Core pattern (listed above).  For transfer students entering LMU as of Fall 2015, these courses will become part of the major requirements as indicated below.

ACCT 2110: Financial Accounting ACCT 001A: Accounting
ACCT 2120: Accounting Information for Decision Making ACCT 001B: Accounting
AIMS 2710: Management Information Systems Completed at LMU
BADM 1010: Business Institutions Completed at LMU
BADM 1020: Introduction to Ethical Decision Making Models Completed at LMU
BADM 1030: Information Technology in Organizations Completed at LMU
BADM 1040: Globalization Completed at LMU
BLAW 2210: Legal and Regulatory Environment Take both courses:
• BUS 012A: Business Law
• BUS 012B: Business Law
Computer Science requirement for students majoring in the Bachelor of Science in Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS):

CMSI 185: Computer Programming
CMSI 186: Programming Laboratory

In addition, students must take 2 elective courses in computer science.  They may choose from the following list or take upper division electives at LMU:
CMSI 182: Great Ideas in Computer Science
CMSI 261: Language, Thought, and Computation*
CMSI 264: Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
CMSI 266: Electronic Markets*
CMSI 270: Web Application Design and Implementation
CMSI 281: Data Structures*
CMSI 282: Algorithms*
CMSI 284: Systems Programming

*Note: Lower division electives recommended by the College of Business Administration.
Applied Information Management Systems Majors fulfill the following computer science requirements:

Required courses:
• CIS 016: Java Programming
• Students take CMSI 186 at LMU.

Elective courses:
Students take the following course and one additional elective computer science course at LMU:
• CS 002: Fundamentals of Computer Science I
• CS 008: Fundamentals of Computer Science III-Data
   Data Structures
ECON 110: Introductory Microeconomics ECON 001A: Principles of Economics
ECON 120: Introductory Macroeconomics ECON 001B: Principles of Economics
ECON 230: Introductory Statistics No course equivalency
PSYC 100: General Psychology PSYC 001: Introductory Psychology